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Who are Property Finders?

A Property-Finder, or estate agent, is a professional figure who has undergone rigorous training, has passed the required examinations and is fully licenced to deal in conveyancing.

A Property-Finder should have in-depth knowledge of the region where they operate and the market trends of that area. They should monitor the client diligently, take not of their needs and wants, while always offering a professional service which brings benefits, such as savings on time and money.

A Property-Finder who undertakes a job, becomes the committed estate agent of the client, throughout the negotiation process, starting with the initial searching phase with attention to detail of the clients’ requirements, surveying of the full extent of the area and collaborating, where possible, with other agencies. They should offer the client professional assistance and act in their interests to the fullest and most transparent extent possible.

We truly believe that client empathy is at the heart of building a working relationship with them, guiding them to help them make the best choices in finding a future property that meets with their needs in the shortest time possible.

As such, we wish to borrow a slogan from the FIAIP (Italian Federation of Professional Estate Agents), which is valid for all true professionals:

“If you think paying for a consummate professional is expensive, compare that with how much a money-loving hack will cost you.”

Our clients trust us and they deserve our full attention.

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